The Best Puppy Parties

Subaru Canada presents the

Fall 2018 Park & Bark Dog Show Series 

Come out and shop loads of great products, hear and meet expert speakers, catch some giveaways, meet “park and walking path friends”, enjoy terrific human and dog foods and drinks and pick up numerous samples, plus chill out in the Subaru Lounge with a coffee. 

Come visit any of the 3 Fall Park & Bark Dog shows, pick up a post card at the Welcome Desk and enter the “Lucky 40” contest; with 40 great prizes available from Bee23 Naturals, Educanine, BrBest Pets, and SpringBok Pet Wellness.  

Our 6 shows for 2018 are over and we thank everyone who attended; all vendors, Subaru Canada, Keystone Productions and our crew. A very successful fun series for all!

We’re working on the 2019 schedule now, and will confirm and post dates and locations here before December 1st.